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Workout Log - 2018.07.01

by Troy Scott


Most of my blog posts are technical. So I think I'll mix it up a bit by logging my daily workouts. Logging workouts is a good way to track your progress overtime. I created a simple exercise template using Microsoft OneNote which I can update on any of my tech devices (ipad, iphone, windows laptop.) I used OneNote instead of Excel to for my workout template because OneNote is easier to use on mobile devices. You can even use the the OneNote drawing capabilities (e.g. Apple Pencil) to update your workout instead of typing. My goal is to workout at least 40 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. The main challenge outside of eating right when trying to get in shape is consistency. Currently weigh about 178 lbs (80 Kg) and want to lose about 5 to 8 pounds in the next 2 months. What better day to start than on Canada Day.


I use a Garmin Vivoactive watch to track my runs and Garmin Connect mobile app to review my progress. Here are the results for day 1. The weather was pretty good. It was 20 C with a cool breeze along the Vancover seawall. For running I use a walk/run approach for training. Today I ran for 5 minutes and then walked for 1. This is a good way to reduce injuries and it allows you to work longer. If I can keep on track with my workouts I plan to run a half marathon in the Fall.


Below is the pdf of the OneNote template:

Workout Template