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When You Miss Your Training Day

by Troy Scott


Its Day 6 of Week 1 of my training for the Vancouver BMO Marathon. So far the week has gone pretty well.

Day Plan Actual
1 5 - 8 KM 6.4 KM/6'31''
2 5 - 8 KM -
3 Hit Fit Hit Fit (upper)
5.0 KM/6'28''
4 5 - 8 KM 5.4 KM/6'18"
5 Hit Fit Hit Fit (legs)
6 Hit Fit N/A
7 8 - 10 KM N/A

But it didn't start out that way. On Tuesday, Feb. 1, I was suppose to go for a run. But I ended getting my new business laptop: Dell XPS 13. I work from home and I have been using a Desktop computer. Decent desktop but it was over 4 years old. It has some significant issues with Windows 10 and the video driver. Typically I had to unplug one of the dual monitors whenever there was a Windows update or face the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). It took most of the evening to setup the new laptop with the development software and I also ending go for coffee with a friend later that night. So much for the plan.

But its important to remember that the plan is simply an estimate of what you want to achieve for a week. Its a good idea to write down what you want to achieve each day. My overall goal for the week is basically 3 Hit Fit works outs and I want to run at least 20 KM in the first week. The Hit Fit sessions are paid sessions with the trainer so its unlikely that I will skip any of them.

Since I didn't run on Tuesday I decided to run after my Hit Fit class on Wednesday. The Hit Fit sessions are pretty intense. They involve 1 round of strength training: 3 exercises with 3 set for each exercise. The Hit Fit portion is 3 Rounds of 2 exercises and 4 sets for each exercise. The Hit Fit portion is timed. You try to do as many reps in 40 seconds. Then you get a 20 second break and move on to the next exercise ... repeat.

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The only down side of going for the run after Hit Fit is that I find it difficult to fall asleep after 1 1/2 hours of intense exercise. I was pretty tired the next day but I still went for another run on Thursday night.

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I ended off the work week with another Hit Fit session on Friday night which focused on the legs. Here are some of the exerices:

  • Dead Lift
  • Box Jump
  • Cross Fit Situps
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Wheel Roll Out

Last year when I was training for the BMO Marathon I never made a daily plan by week. I just had an overall distance goal. This was definitely a mistake. Hopefully blogging about my training plan will help me keep on track and put more thought into it. Still 2 more days of training to go for week 1.