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Setting Permissions for an External Content Type

by Troy Scott


In a previous post, I created an External Content Type based on the following Stored Procedures   :

  • dbo.BcsSalesForecastReadList
  • dbo.BcsSalesForecastReadItem

Before you can use the External Content Type the permissions must be set.   The permissions are set using the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Panel.  Open the Central Administration Panel and you should see the following:


Under the Application Management Section click on the Manage Service Application settings link.  Next Click on the Business Connectivity Data Service and you should see the External Content Type called BcsSalesForecast:


Hover over the BcsSalesForecast External Content Type and select “Set Permissions” from the drop down box:


Type in the username (Domain\userid) and click check names to verify the user and then click Add.  Once the user or users are added you can set the permissions.  When I was adding my user id I found that I had to be connected to my domain in order to add my account.  For example, if you are using laptop at home and you are not connected to your companies domain you probably won’t be able to add the account to the External Content Type.  If you have VPN Access to you company network then you can connect to the Domain and then try adding the Account.


Once the permissions have been set you can now create an External List based on the External Content Type using the SharePoint Designer.  Just Navigate to the External Content Type in the SharePoint Designer and Select BcsSalesForecast and then click External List located in the Ribbon as shown below:


This will create an External List called Sales Forecast. Because only ReadList and ReadItem operations are defined for the External Content Type, for now, you can only view all the items in for the Forecast or view the details of one item.


If you have not set the permission for the External Content Type you will receive the following error when you try to access the External List:

Access denied by Business Data Connectivity.