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Getting Started with Sharepoint 2010

by Troy Scott


Business Intelligence is a core part of SharePoint 2010. Its much more than just a content management system.   SharePoint 2010  has the following new features:

Business Connectivity Services

Central Administration Redesign

  • Interface is much more intuitive
  • UI now uses the well known Ribbon Toolbar


Claim-Based Authentication

Health Monitoring


Sandboxed Solutions

  • Deploy solutions onto the Farm or into a sandbox
  • Sandbox is a restricted environment which can be used to control and limit resources for a solution
  • Some solutions may not work in a sandbox and are better suited for a Farm deployment
  • http://technet.microsoft.com/en-ca/library/ee704543.aspx

If you are planning on installing and setting up a SharePoint site I recommend checking out the following training videos from Microsoft:   

Installing SharePoint 2010 (54 minutes):


Setting up Your First Web App (24 minutes):


I reviewed these videos and had no problems setting up a couple of web applications.    I don’t recommend setting up a VM (it must be 64-bit for one thing) to run on your laptop or desktop.  You will want to create the VM on a server and assign it at least 4 GB of memory.   This requirement may increase if you are using a  Full SQL Server Stack (Analysis Services, Reporting Services etc.) for a Business Intelligence evaluation.

My next little project will be to use Business Connectivity Services and build a simple application using external data from SQL Server 2008.