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15 March 2014 - Build a CLI Jukebox with Raspberyy Pi

For those who are using the Raspberry Pi as a development server there is really no point running a windows manager with raspbian.

24 February 2014 - Raspberry Pi - Week 1

Its important to remember that the Raspberry Pi is designed for hackers or hobbyists that don't mind spending time learning about the device and the software.

19 February 2014 - Cost Benefit for Raspberry Pi

Four days ago i ordered a Raspberry Pi Model B from Amazon. In hindsight i probably should have purchased a kit.

02 February 2014 - Serving Multiple Websites with Nginx

Recently i moved my site from a Shared Hosting Provider to a Digital Ocean Droplet.

26 January 2014 - Migrating a Blog to Jekyll

A few months ago i migrated my WordPress blog to Jekyll which allows you "transform your plain text into static websites and blogs".

29 September 2013 - Breaking Blog

Sometimes change for the sake of change is a good thing. I only make a few posts each year but i found that i was continually updating WordPress with the latest patch

16 June 2013 - EGit-Developing Solutions in Eclipse

Previous posts have walked through adding EGit to Eclipse, creating a repository on Github, cloning the repository and making the first commit.

04 June 2013 - Your First Git Check-in

In the last post we created our first python project in Eclipse by cloning a Git Project from Github.